Tracey Alston, Executive Director

I am humbled to have the opportunity to plan and execute the many activities of the First Ladies Health Initiative. I consider it a bonus that I can assist these influencers with developing into a true sisterhood of organized women working together for the health of the community. As a young girl, I remember watching my grandmother, Lucy Bell Daniel, who was also First Lady. So I understand the role and responsibilities that are attached to the title. Not only is she committed to her family and her church, but she also feels a responsibility toward the community.

Since 2009, the First Ladies Health Day has provided free health screenings to over 30,000 people throughout Chicago and now Los Angeles. From the beginning, Walgreens has been a part of this great effort. And for a corporation to have that kind of commitment to our community is rare. In addition, we have been able to solicit and receive support from state and local government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, community based agencies and organizations. Year by year, the First Ladies Health Initiative is restoring the health of the community, one city at a time.

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